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AMAI Labs is the ultimate platform for delivering messaging services to B2B services. We provide an end to end solution for businesses who require:


Direct Connectivity to Operators

AMAI is directly connected to Mobile Network Operators such as Vodafone, WIND, Cosmote and more. As a business, this means a fast and reliable way to get your content across to your client.


Number Verification

For businesses sending million of SMS messages to their clients, the cost of sending an SMS message is relatively expensive if it doesn’t hit the target. Your client might be roaming / off the network or ported off to a different network. Number Verification is provided to you at a cost of 100 times less than sending an SMS, ensuring you save as much on your messaging as possible, and make it efficient


Mobile Authentication and Security

AMAI provides a two factor authentication for corporation use cases. Though this process of verifying a user via their phone, we allow users to log into secure locations. The authentication process involves multi-factor authentication, which can include: Dynamic or one-time passwords, generated on Amai Server and delivered to the end user via an SMS.


SMS Messaging Bot Utility

AMAI simple to use API provides your business the ability to create an ‘agent’, who has conversational abilities. SMS Bots help your business satisfy customer demand by answering immediate, automated messages to the customer’s device directly

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